31 October 2005

Romainian Forest Railways CCF lorry on rails near Komandu in the Carpathian Mountains August 1991 Posted by Picasa
Approaching Yeoford Exeter bound on the Tarka Line in September 1983 Posted by Picasa
Off Deception Island South Shetlands Antarctica Saturday 27 November 2004 Posted by Picasa
Braydeston church from Brundall West Field
on the edge of the Norfolk Broads August 2004
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30 October 2005

The Nord Norge Cruise ship lying off shore at Puerto Eden in the Chilean Fjords November 2004 -The ship was en route to Antartica. Posted by Picasa
Lake Louise Railway station in the Canadian Rockies - not a good passenger service, two trains a week during the season! Posted by Picasa

21 October 2005

Picture of the photographer at 10.30pm on top of
Whistler Mountain Jasper in Canada July 2005 Posted by Picasa
From the footplate of the "City of Truro" locomotive at speed near Weybourne North Norfolk Posted by Picasa
Wild goat on the coast in The Valley of Rocks, Lynton North Devon Posted by Picasa

20 October 2005

Eden Project Posted by Picasa

19 October 2005

Welcome to Tarkaman: Pictures a little text - not too much as pictures speak louder than words.
The name is taken from the Henry Williamson novel but related to a small country railway branch line in deepest Devon England. Rural pictures, railways and some people and buildings - I love different angles and obscure viewpoints - a big fan of reverse logic and Chaos Theory, I can vouch for creating much chaos but very little theory. I'm well travelled, been around the globe a few times and now it looks like I'm going to have to settle down. An old boy am I, too late to learn new tricks but does try. Proud of my award winning photography - for every good picture there are 20,000 duff one's - well it seems like it!
More to come in the future but as time is slipping by faster as I get older it will be a slow progress. Come and visit again -you never know, I might have have done something right.
PS the otter - his name is Midge as in Gavin Maxwell's novel.